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FPT25-16 Fuel Cap Adapter Set

Meets EPA recommended fleet coverage*

FPT25-09 Fuel Cap Adapter Set

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For use with any Hickok Waekon gas cap tester.

Kit includes ten adapters and vehicle specific lookup tables for easy adapter selection.

Use Hickok Waekon Fuel Cap Testers with any Stant Fuel Cap Adapters

The FPT25-4 black adapter that is included in the kit works with any Stant Fuel Cap Adapter including the Pass and Fail standard caps.

Features & Benefits

  • Durable machined aluminium adapters.
  • Meets EPA recommended fleet coverage.
  • Includes vehicle lookup tables for quick and easy adapter selection.

Kit Contents

  • 10 Cap Adapters
  • Vehicle Lookup Tables
  • Carrying Case

*Please contact the appropriate Government Agency to identify which Fuel Cap Testing equipment is approved for your State/County Emissions Testing program.

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